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UK Weekly Used Car Market Data – 5th Nov 2023

Key Points

  • The total number of dealers decreased slightly from 9,905 to 9,901 over the week while the number of rooftops increased from 13,277 to 13,313.
  • Advert numbers decreased from 925,924 to 915,474. However, the average listing price saw a slight increase from £18,921 to £18,952.
  • The analysis of listings by price bands shows slight increases and decreases but remained relatively stable over the week. The highest volume of listings falls in the £10,001-£20,000 band.
  • Dealer advert volume shows a downward trend for dealers with less than 100 and 101-250 adverts. The top 100 dealers by volume have seen an increase in stock volume.
  • The price revision data reveals a decrease in advert price reductions but an increase in price increases, suggesting a potentially more favourable market.

Total Market Analysis

According to the data provided, the total number of dealers reported a slight decrease from 9,905 to 9,901 between 28th October and 4th November 2023. On the other hand, the number of rooftops, which likely represents the number of locations or branches of the dealers, saw a slight increase from 13,277 to 13,313 over the same time frame.

Days on Market (DoM) Average

The average time that adverts stay on the market remained steady at 77 days for both periods. In-depth analysis would provide understanding if this marks an overall stability in the market or the average masks underlying volatility, with some adverts moving significantly faster or slower.

Breakdown of Listings by Price Bands

The listing analysis according to price band shows a slight but overall stable distribution of listings in same price bands over the two periods.Breakdown of listings by bands

Number of Dealers by Advert Volumes

Advert volumes underwent a mild decrease with the number of dealers displaying less than 100 and 101-250 adverts dropping slightly.Number of Dealers by Advert Volumes

Analysis of Top 100 Dealers by Volume

Examining the data of the top 100 dealers by volume shows an increase in stock volumes rising from 213,505 to 216,037. The average price has also increased from £22,251 to £22,285 over the week.Top 100 Dealers by Volume

Price Revision Data – Changes to Advert Prices

Price revisions over the period show a decrease in the number of price decreases and an increase in price increases.The data suggests a market that could be moving towards favourable conditions for dealers.


In conclusion, the market seems to be fairly stable over the tested period. While there are slight increases and decreases in some areas, overall changes are minor. Deeper analysis would likely reveal additional insights, but the overall picture suggests a relatively stable market.