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About Marketcheck

Marketcheck team in India

Our Story

10+ years serving over 200 clients with automotive data

Marketcheck has been an automotive data provider for the North American region for over the last 10 years. Launching in the UK in January 2022 we have gained an impressive list of clients in car finance, insurance, and data analytics.

We have recently launched a new investment analysis product which allows the comparison of the top 100 dealers against each other and the market. This is suitable for investors, hedge and pension funds and journalists. (Journalists get free access in return for citations.)

Excellence in Data

All data is aggregated, de-duped and normalised with DVLA, SMMT and 3 other data sources to provide the cleanest possible data in the UK used car industry.

Our team of 40 developers are all full-time employed and are the most important part of our team. there is no outsourcing of the development and our team focuses on quality and continual improvement of both their own skills and the data we offer.

Each of the management, sales and operations team has worked together and in the automotive sector for over a decade. They have extensive industry knowledge and the founders were involved in car retail for many years before starting Marketcheck.


Cost-effectiveness and efficiency for our systems are key and also drive how we deliver our products so that the end clients always get the latest technology improvements in speed, cost and efficiency.

Deep Sector Knowledge

With a cumulative total of hundreds of years building used automotive data sets, we understand what you need and can create customised solutions for each client.

Highly technical

The developer team are hugely experienced in cloud computing, data aggregation, normalisation and delivery across Google Cloud and AWS.

Recently we have added Machine Learning and have built retail value estimation tools that can predict to 99.6% a retail price from a VRM.

Leadership Team

Dan Campbell President Marketcheck

Dan Campbell


Troy Campbell CEO Marketcheck

Troy Campbell


Anand Mahajan co-CTO Marketcheck

Anand Mahajan


Vivek Mahajan co-CTO Marketcheck

Vivek Mahajan


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