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Dealership data and reporting

As a car dealer, staying ahead of market trends and understanding your competition is crucial for success. Our comprehensive platform provides the insights necessary to make strategic decisions that enhance sales and outpace competitors.

More in-depth info on dealer used car data here

Performance Benchmarking

Competitive Analysis

Measure your dealership’s performance against similar-sized entities within the industry.

Metrics Assessment

Dive into vital metrics like sales figures, profit margins, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity.

Strategic Improvement

Pinpoint best practices and improvement opportunities by analysing the successes of your competitors.

Explore detailed information on our dealer data products to learn how our performance benchmarking can benefit your dealership.

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Inventory Analytics

Access to car retail pricing data empowers UK car dealers to make informed decisions about inventory management, competitive pricing strategies, and understanding consumer trends. Use pricing data to make decisions on what cars to stock and how to price them.

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Pricing Insights

Leverage our access to car retail pricing data to refine your inventory management and pricing strategies.

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Utilise insights into consumer behaviour and preferences to stock vehicles that meet market demands.


Competitive Positioning

Employ pricing data analysis to competitively price your cars and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Days on Market Analysis

Analysing “days on market” data for UK-wide dealerships helps car dealers make informed decisions about vehicle stocking and pricing based on market demand and seasonal trends.

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Demand Identification

Use “days on market” data to understand the demand for specific brands and models across the UK.

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Strategic Pricing

Adjust your pricing and marketing tactics based on how long cars typically stay on the market.

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Seasonal Planning

Recognise and act on seasonal market trends to optimise your inventory levels and pricing strategies.

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