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investor reports

Investor Reports

Investment insights for UK auto dealers

Welcome to our powerful platform, where we provide exclusive access to real-time data on over 600,000 used cars for sale, available across all 10,000 dealers situated in 14,000 locations throughout the UK. As part of the investment community, our comprehensive dataset equips you with valuable insights for the UK car market, both on a general level and on a per-dealer (or dealer group) basis.

Understanding this information is paramount in identifying, tracking, and measuring the performance of potential dealer acquisitions, ensuring lucrative investment opportunities. We are committed to providing you with accurate and up-to-date information to help you make informed decisions in your investments.

Harnessing data for
investment success

market analysis desk


Our platform provides a comprehensive overview of the entire UK car retail market. You can track automotive industry trends, consumer preferences, and demand fluctuations across different regions and segments. This perspective allows you to spot emerging opportunities and make strategic investment moves.

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Per dealer (or dealer

group) insights:

You can dive deeper into individual dealerships or dealer groups, and analyse their active inventories and recent activities. Assess their market presence, brand performance, and customer engagement. Completing car dealer market analysis and identifying top-performing dealerships or those with untapped potential can lead to highly profitable acquisition opportunities.

market analysis magnify


(MDS) insights:

You can gauge the current supply dynamics of the market and identify selling periods that align with your investment strategy. Whether you are seeking short-term or long-term investments, MDS data provides the knowledge to optimize your portfolio and give insights to the UK car market.




Gain a competitive edge by understanding how selected dealerships perform at local and national levels. Uncover market share, pricing strategies, and customer satisfaction ratings of competing dealers. This invaluable intelligence enables you to position your investments strategically and stay ahead in the market.

pricing intelligence

Pricing intelligence
for informed valuations:

Our platform has the largest database of car comparables online, which equips you with precise pricing information for investment valuations. Accurate pricing data ensures that you make well-informed decisions, preventing overvalued acquisitions and maximising potential returns.

piggy bank


Quickly visualise how your investments in UK Automotive PLC’s are performing. Track potential investments by PLC and against the market before committing funds.

Enhanced insights for
informed investment decisions

Company performance

Compare car retail companies’ performance against the market and each others. Identify leaders and rising stars for potential investments.

compare data
revealing automotive secrets


Gain granular insights by brand, franchise type, pricing models, and more. Analyse performance variations at a detailed level to identify profitable investment opportunities.

Future takeover targets
& underperformer avoidance

Identify potential takeover targets with strong market positions and growth prospects. Conversely, avoid underperforming dealerships to mitigate risks. competitive and attract customers.

set targets get real-time alerts
customise car market data

Tailored reporting
& red alerts

Receive standard or bespoke reports delivered to your analysts at intervals you decide. Tailor the information flow to align with your investment team’s needs and preferences.

Our platform issues red alerts when sudden performance changes occur in the market or within specific dealerships. React swiftly to dynamic market conditions for optimised investment strategies.

Historical data
robust validation

Access historical data to validate current performance. Understand long-term trends and gain confidence in investment decisions.

Understanding the car retail market in real-time and on a granular level is critical for successful dealer acquisitions. Our platform empowers you to make data-driven investment decisions, unveiling untapped potential and lucrative opportunities across the UK.

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