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For Investors

Welcome to Marketcheck, where we empower investors with unrivalled insights into the UK’s used car market. Our data isn’t just information, it will guide you through the complex landscape of automotive investments. Here’s how you can drive your investment strategy forward:

Retailer Performance

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Market Metrics

Stay ahead with the ability to track and compare company performances, benchmarking against the market and peers.

Detailed Analytics

Dive into granular insights by brand, franchise type, and pricing models to inform your investment decisions.

Comparative Analysis

Evaluate and compare dealer locations within groups to strategise investments.

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Target Identification

Spot potential takeover targets and steer clear of underperforming entities.

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Historical Context

Use our historical data to ground and validate your current performance assessments.

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Custom Reporting

Receive standard or bespoke reports, crafted to your specifications and delivered at your chosen frequency.

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Performance Alerts

Get immediate notifications on critical performance shifts with our red alerts.

We help hedge funds, funds and HNWs monitor dealer performance.
Find out more about our UK used car market analysis for investors.

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Market Benchmarking

Stock Movements

Gain key insights into stock dynamics across the UK.

Model Tracking

Follow the performance of used makes and models meticulously.

Market Dynamics

Monitor real-time market changes, like the ebb and flow of EV sales—where in the UK, which models, and to what extent.

Valuation Metrics

Track values and Days on Market with precision, pinpointing variations by location.

Regional Insights

Uncover trends and variances across different regions to better position your investments.

Tailored Data Solutions

Customise the data streams into formats that align perfectly with your analytical needs.

Data Intelligence