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Vehicle data for software

At Marketcheck, we provide the data-driven fuel that powers software providers to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions in the automotive sector. Harness our comprehensive API to drive your dealer systems into the future.

Enhanced Dealer Solutions

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Seamless Integration

Embed our robust API directly into your systems to supercharge your dealer solutions.

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Predictive Analytics

Utilise our data to predict Days on Market, ensuring dealers can strategise effectively.

propel your business

Stock Discovery

Source new inventory from other dealers to expand offerings and meet market demands.

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AI-Enhanced Imaging

Employ AI to refine images automatically, enhancing the visual appeal of dealer stock.

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Competition Tracking

Equip your dealers with insightful analytics to stay ahead, understand market dynamics, and outmaneuver the competition.

Our technology doesn’t just support your systems; it propels them to become essential tools for dealers looking to gain a competitive edge.

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Real-Time Appraisals

Deliver live valuations against current market trends, providing instant insights for trade-in negotiations.

Instant Vehicle Values

Gain immediate access to values against trade-in vehicles to support quick, informed decision-making.

Historical Data Access

Retrieve previous sale history by VRM to inform accurate valuations and offer transparency.

Enhance Capability