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For Finance Brokers
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Used car data and listing solutions

Marketcheck stands as the leading provider of used car data and vehicle stock management, offering finance brokers and lenders in the UK an expert suite of services to enhance your digital offerings and streamline operations. We can revitalise your user experience with the right car finance digital solution and give your agents the information they need to keep the deals.

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Engagement and Retention

Retain customers on your site by integrating a branded in-house car search that syncs with user journeys.

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Customer Experience

Keep clients engaged within your ecosystem, avoiding the loss of potential leads to external car searches.

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Integration with Autoconvert

Seamlessly connect customer activities such as saving favourites to their accounts for a tailored experience. Learn how we integrate with Autoconvert for a seamless user experience and give agents insightful information to help close finance deals.

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Refined Search Parameters

Pre-set search criteria to exclude vehicles below a certain value or above a specific mileage, ensuring only the most relevant listings are displayed.

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Deal Closure Efficiency

Expedite the journey from car search to purchase, diminishing the time it takes to finalise deals.

Learn more about the extensive capabilities of our car search tools and keep your customers where they should be—on your platform.

Car Valuations

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Accurate Market Pricing

Instantly confirm that the dealer’s asking price falls within the current market range by comparing it to similar vehicles.

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Historical Pricing Data

Access the advertisement history of vehicles, including price adjustments and Days on Market, to inform precise valuations.

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Manage Dealer stock

Curated Inventories

Exhibit vehicle listings exclusively from your vetted dealers to ensure quality and compliance.

FCA Compliance

Assure that all displayed stock meets the stringent standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Stock Parameters

Tailor the available vehicle stock parameters to align with your lending guidelines.

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