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Why work with us?

Our data improves your margins.

Welcome to our platform, where we offer unparalleled access to real-time data on over 600,000 used cars for sale throughout the UK on any given day. Our comprehensive dataset powers leading automotive companies, including car dealers, insurers, finance lenders, software providers, and investors, to analyse, understand, and build powerful tools for a multitude of purposes.

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Discover how our services can transform your business and provide a competitive advantage in the automotive market.


Marketcheck offers dealers unparalleled access to automotive trends from across the country. Use our data and reporting to understand what is performing for you, review similar dealers, and recognise who is your target customer to improve sales.

  • Performance Benchmarking: Includes competitive analysis, metrics assessment, and identifying improvement opportunities by analysing competitors’ successes.
  • Inventory Analytics: Provides access to car retail pricing data for informed inventory management and competitive pricing strategies.
  • Days on Market Analysis: Offers insights into vehicle stocking and pricing based on market demand and seasonal trends.

This platform is designed to enhance strategic decision-making, improve inventory management, and develop competitive pricing strategies for UK automotive dealers.



Marketcheck has a suite of tools and features for finance brokers and lenders in the UK, aimed at enhancing digital offerings and streamlining operations. Our solutions keep your customers to your website and give insights to your agents to seal the deal.

  • Car Search: This service helps retain customers by integrating a branded in-house car search that syncs with user journeys, improving customer experience and deal closure efficiency.
  • Car Valuations: It provides accurate market pricing and access to historical pricing data for precise valuations.
  • Dealer Stock Management: This includes curated inventories that comply with the Financial Conduct Authority standards and tailored stock parameters to align with lending guidelines.

Marketcheck is a trusted choice for leading UK lenders and brokers, providing essential data services to stay at the forefront of the financial sector for used car search and vehicle stock management


Software Providers

Marketcheck provides automotive software providers with a range of services to enhance their offerings in the UK market:

  • Enhanced Dealer Solutions: This includes seamless API integration, predictive analytics for market trends, stock discovery from other dealers, AI-enhanced imaging for better visual appeal, and competition tracking.
  • Valuations: Features real-time appraisals against current market trends, instant vehicle values for trade-in vehicles, and access to historical data for accurate valuations.

These services aim to empower software providers with the tools to deliver innovative solutions, helping dealers strategise effectively and stay competitive in the automotive sector.

How else can you use Marketcheck?

Our data powers search portals, chatbots, finance lending, insurance valuations and many different kinds of inventory tools.

Marketcheck data is also used in some less obvious ways too, for analysing insurance claims, populating appraisal tools or checking the market for trends in price reductions across all makes, models and dealer groups.

Our clients span the spectrum, from the UK’s leading automotive PLCs to startups with only 1 or 2 staff (we have a special pricing scheme for startups so get in touch if that’s you!) and we go out of our way to produce products that create more margin, increase your team’s productivity and encourages creativity and innovation.

If you have questions about how your project might fit in, just give us a call. We are happy to advise you about the best approach for your particular type of use case. We don’t charge for consultancy and our team has worked across automotive, data and finance for decades.