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Car Valuation Tools

Get accurate valuations on used cars

Marketcheck’s valuation tool uses the data we capture on inventory across 10,000+ dealers in 14,000 locations and over 650k cars daily and analyses current market trends, car history, and/or location.

Our tools provide two prices: a ‘Fair Market Value’ based on linear regression of similar cars’ prices and mileages and a Marketcheck Price based on analysis of the car features, our huge historical data sets, and Machine Learning to calculate the price.

These pricing tools are used by dealers, insurers and finance companies to understand the value of the cars they might buy at auction, confirm potential sale values when buying used cars from consumers for resale and evaluate insurance claims.

Understanding Car Retail Valuations

Search by VRM

Enter the number plate of any car and get a detailed report that details similar vehicles, their days on the market, the total UK and local stock available, the last seen price, and the day’s supply.

Pricing is given at low, mid, and upper levels, calculated by comparing matching cars and adjusting for mileage, age, and location.

We can include a listing history from the last two years displaying every change recorded in car location, price, odometer, dealership, and seller comments.

Search by make and model

Don’t have a VRM for a car? No problem.

Search by any Make and Model, and we can calculate a price using Machine Learning. If age and mileage are included, the system can analyse our historical data of millions of car prices to accurately give the retail price.

This ML-based pricing is also available via an API and can instantly return results determined by many car features. The API can then calculate a pricing prediction based on LightGBM.

valuation dealer stock analysis

Stock predictor for car dealers

Analyse any local area and find out which cars sell the quickest. By analysing over 600k cars daily, the Markectcheck Stock Predictor can show, with evidence, which stock will turn fastest on your forecourts.

Filter by price brackets or brands; the report will detail which cars are selling the fastest. With more data to analyse than any other UK car data analysis provider, we can help increase your stock turn, reduce your stocking costs and increase your margins.

We helped one customer who had over 40 cars that were 100+ days in stock. By changing what they bought based on actual local data within 50 miles, the stock profile changes meant the turn was reduced by 30 days.

valuations by dealer stock predictor
compare data

Car dealership comparison reports

Search by a specific dealership to determine how their stock compares to the market. This is also effective if you want to examine competitors in your local area or compare your different branch location performance.

We overlay your stock using a combination of our stock predictor (above) so you can see how your performance compares to the local or national market.

With some detailed analysis, it is possible to predict how stock changes can reduce days on the market and increase car dealer margins.

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“Working with MarketCheck has been a pleasure. The speed of delivery, quality of work and data accuracy has been first class. The MarketCheck development team are always incredibly responsive to our needs and questions.

I would recommend working with the team without hesitation. The use of the data via the API has transformed areas of our business where now have deep insight, and new functionality to offer the users of our website and mobile application”

David James, CEO, Total Car Check

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