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Auction Stock Analysis

Follow your post-auction units and track retail prices

Marketcheck’s stock analysis tool uses the data we capture on inventory across 10,000+ dealers in 14,000 locations and over 650k cars daily.

Our auction stock analysis tool finds all the units you have sold and brings back all the latest data so you can measure dealer performance, follow the retail price, and use gap analysis to measure trade-to-retail pricing.

We include for each VRM our Fair Market Value, a linear regression price based on MMV, mileage and age and our Price Predictor, which uses AI to create retail pricing based on unit availability, popularity (or velocity to sell) and the car’s features.

Vehicle unit tracking analysis

Understand your
market better

Knowing and tracking the retail price means you can see the margin gap between the estimated sale price and your hammer price.

Make data-driven

Understand dealer performance post-auction, including time to prep and retail turnover.

Fast, straightforward and quick to use

All you need is a CSV of the data to upload, and we will do the rest.

Easily upload your stock

Upload the VRMs, mileages and sold dates of your stock, and get a detailed report that finds and reports on the retail adverts for that vehicle.

Pricing is given at low, mid, and upper levels, calculated by comparing matching cars and adjusting for mileage, age, and location.

vehicle stock analysis upload

The report returned will provide the following data for each car:

first seen seller name
first seen date
first seen advertised price
first seen mileage observed
first seen VDP URL

last seen seller name
last seen date
last seen advertised price
last seen mileage observed
last seen VDP URL

days on market
fmv national
predicted price
price range lower bound
price range upper bound

valuation dealer stock analysis

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“Working with MarketCheck has been a pleasure. The speed of delivery, quality of work and data accuracy has been first class. The MarketCheck development team are always incredibly responsive to our needs and questions.

I would recommend working with the team without hesitation. The use of the data via the API has transformed areas of our business where now have deep insight, and new functionality to offer the users of our website and mobile application”

David James, CEO, Total Car Check

total car check