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used car data API

Used Car Data API

Easily integrated automotive data

Marketcheck’s automotive data covers inventory across 10,000 dealers and 14,000 locations in the UK. Each day we deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date depictions of market activity available anywhere with our used car market data API.

Individual listing records show year, make, model and variant, price and advert changes, showing the most recent time the car showed up online back to the earliest, with every change that occurred over that time.

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New and used cars sourced from over 10,000 websites in the past 90 days activity for any combination of region, make, model, trim or dealership. See how long any car is on the market prior to selling.

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used car data

Data: engine type, transmission, displacement, fuel, interior colour, exterior colour, body style and body subtype.

Listing history from the last 2 years displaying every change recorded in car location, price, odometer, dealership and seller comments.

Cross-checked with the DVLA and SMMT and with links back to the VDP (vehicle details page) of the source.

Make data-driven

See which cars do the best in which areas, with a simple API call. Gauge selling periods with current market conditions and view market performance across selected dealerships at the local or national level. Automatically remove cars that have already been sold or traded in.

Price with confidence using the biggest database of car comparables available anywhere online. Keep your cars competitive and attract customers.

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Marketcheck’s data is made available through easy-to-integrate APIs, bulk data dumps or custom reports. Integrating the data is fast and easy and if you’re familiar with APIs you can be literally up and running within just a few minutes. (If you need a little help along the way we’re always ready to jump in).

For bulk applications or special uses requiring a lot of pre-processing, you may want to receive the data as a feed rather than an API. In these instances, we can set up a data dump at whatever location and schedule you may require. We prefer SFTP but if you need something special just let us know.

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“Working with MarketCheck has been a pleasure. The speed of delivery, quality of work and data accuracy has been first class. The MarketCheck development team are always incredibly responsive to our needs and questions.

I would recommend working with the team without hesitation. The use of the data via the API has transformed areas of our business where now have deep insight, and new functionality to offer the users of our website and mobile application”

David James, CEO, Total Car Check

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