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For Car Insurers

Data to help with claims

Marketcheck is integral to car insurers in the UK, offering pivotal data for valuations and market insights that are essential for precise risk assessment, policy pricing, and efficient claims management.

Car Valuations

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Accurate Value Assessment

Ascertain the current value of vehicles accurately to establish a reliable baseline for insurance policies.


Market Comparison

Gauge valuations against the retail value of similar cars currently for sale, ensuring policies reflect real-world prices.

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Market-aligned Updates

Continually adjust valuations to mirror the latest retail market values, maintaining policy relevance over time.

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Validate Car Listing History by VRM

Verifying the history of a car through its Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) in the UK is very important for car insurance companies due to several reasons:

Fraud Mitigation

Employ VRM checks to validate a car’s history, crucial for preventing insurance fraud.

Risk Profiling

Analyse a vehicle’s past to accurately assess its risk profile, informing policy terms and pricing.

Claims Verification

Utilise historical data to corroborate claims, streamlining the validation process and enhancing accuracy.

Pricing Precision

Price insurance products more accurately by understanding the full background of each vehicle.

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