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UK car market data
with real-time market pricing.

We are the best source of UK automotive data. We collate, enhance and manage more data on the UK used car sector than any other provider.

Our data is available to suit you via superfast APIs, direct feeds or our website tools including WordPress plug-ins.

For any automotive businesses we bring unprecedented access to live data to power apps, populate reports and get insight into the UK used car market.

We track over 600,000 adverts and 10,000 dealers daily and match the data against the DVLA, SMMT and other data sources for normalisation and accuracy.

Marketcheck data and reporting

Auto lenders, finance companies, brokers, insurance, repair and auction companies all use Marketcheck data for building consumer and internal vehicle applications.

Marketcheck tools and automotive software allows you to fast-track your automotive business with vehicle search, listings and valuations API’s and car data feeds.

Used car listing data and analysis
Autoconvert integration schematic

Link our native WordPress search widget with your CRM (or AutoConvert) and track and link your customers’ search activity with the progress of their application.

All you need is a Marketcheck API account and a WordPress website and you can track customer activity directly in your CRM.

investor reporting

We are driven by great people.

With sites in the USA, India and the UK we serve a truly global market. We deliver what we say we will and the developers often go beyond expectations to deliver the best tools for our clients.

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